Marie Labouesse (PhD), Junior Group Leader

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Marie grew up in France and moved to Zurich (Switzerland) to do a PhD in Neuroscience at ETHZ in the lab of Urs Meyer and Wolfgang Langhans. There she studied the effects of diet on the maturation of prefrontal systems. In a follow-up postdoc project, she dissected the impact of striatal dopamine systems during maturation on energy homeostasis. During her postdoc in Christoph Kellendonk’s lab at Columbia University (New York City, USA), she used in vivo imaging, biosensors/optogenetics and behavior to study striatal brain circuits that govern motor control. After 4 years in NY funded by the SNSF she returned to Switzerland as an SNSF Visiting Scientist/Postdoc in Tommaso Patriarchi's lab. There she developed novel approaches to track dopamine release using fluorescent biosensors (dLight). She is starting her own research team at ETH Zurich as a Junior Group Leader in 2021 (SNSF Ambizione Grant).

Diversity Pledge:

I pledge to promote and maintain a diverse academic environment that is considered safe for all, including for underrepresented groups. During recruitment, all qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, religion, gender, sexual orientation, nationality, disability, etc.

As a Junior Group Leader, I have signed the Gender Equality Pledge from the Zurich Neuroscience Center (ZNZ) (Link) and the Alba Declaration on Equity and Inclusion in Brain Sciences (Link).

Team members

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Former students (during PhD and Postdoc Training)

Mysarah Zahran (BSc. Barnard College)

Research Assistant; Summer Research Institute Scholar

Since 2020-ongoing

Alice Tang (BSc. Columbia College)

Research Assistant, 2020-2021


Xiaoxiao Sun (MSc. Columbia College)

Data Science Institute Scholar, 2020-2021

Shana Gershbaum (BSc. Barnard College)

Senior Thesis & Research Assistant, 2020-2021

Michaela Tero (BSc. Barnard College)

Research Assistant, 2020

Anne Cebula (BSc. Barnard College)

Senior Thesis & Research Assistant, 2019-2020

Joseph Baer (BSc. Columbia College)

Research Assistant, 2019

Michelle Dandeneau (BSc. Barnard College)

Research Assistant, 2018-2019

Hannah Staples (BSc. Columbia College)

Research Assistant, 2018

Clara Prish (BSc. Barnard College)

Research Assistant, 2018

Flavia Müller (MSc. Degree from ETH Zurich)

Research Assistant, 2015

Livia Küng (BSc. ETH Zurich)

BSc. Thesis & Research Assistant, 2015

Selina Frei (BSc. ETH Zurich)

BSc. Thesis & Research Assistant, 2014

Flavia Caulet (BSc. ISA Lille)

Thesis & Research Assistant, 2014

Marine Bobin (BSc. Uni Toulouse)

Research Assistant, 2014

Flavie Bonneviot (BSc. Uni Toulouse)

Research Assistant, 2014

Sereina de Zordo (MSc. ETH Zurich)

MSc. Thesis & Research Assistant, 2012